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About Sew Unique Sewing

Sew Unique Sewing was started to help bring back the long lost art of quilting and sewing.  What used to be mandatory for all girls in middle school has now been put away on the shelf.  Sewing and quilting is a time for ladies to bond and create.

SUS's classes are designed for the beginner who thought "I"d like to sew something and for the experienced sewer that wants to learn something new.

After many requests to teach friends and family members to sew or quilt, we decided to put open a shop where teaching is our main focus.  Our classes are not designed to sell, only to teach.  Use what you have at home or purchase in the shop.  The choice is up to you.

Our instructors have years of sewing experience.  They love people and enjoy teaching.  Their creative passions give a new twist to old methods.  If you are a beginner or an old pro you will enjoy your time with them.  Our classes are designed to be fun and creative.  We believe we were all created Sew Unique!

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